Corn Tostadas Delicias
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Who We Are


Since 1993 we have been dedicated to the production of corn chips, a quality product proudly Mexican.

For its quality, its taste and its different presentations DELICIAS© our brand is recognized and accepted in the table of Mexican and foreign families.

We are leaders in the manufacture of toast and corn chips, which allowed us to enter new markets and make more than 10 brands of toast for our foreign and domestic customers.


Develop toast and corn products that are high quality delightful, pleasing and consumer confidence.


To be a leader in the market for toast and corn products, with the recognition of the traditional, be for our customers the best choice.


As a company we belive in the social development of our staff, in productive people with the desire of growing the economic and social-cultural development of México, that’s why we strive to offer always the best at quality, taste and service.

The processes in the manufacture of our products meet the highest standards of quality to send to your table a product worthy of your palate.


Loyalty: The loyalty that has enabled us to keep up a better company with people committed to deliver results.

Tolerance: The permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion and nationality, differ from their own, has led to a better development of our staff and the company itself.

Respect: Taking into account the honor, esteem and posture that each person holds within the company allows us to work with fair and reasonable skills that lead to exercise the best practices.

Honesty: Honesty and the absence of lies and robbery ; reflect good principles we have adopted, make us better human beings and are necessary to form an environment of justice.

Innovation: The constant change in markets and technology leads us to create continuous improvement in all areas needed within our organization.

Tradition: every part of our culture and development has been guided by the people themselves thus adopting customs that as a company we consider to offer traditional Mexican product to all our costumers.


We are a company that was born in the year 1994, a company 100% regiomontana (native of Monterrey) commited with our state and México, our product is elaborated with the highest quality levels, this with the finality of bringing to your table a dependable and delicious product for you and your family.

Our product has been created as one of the highest quality products in the field as we have the certification of major worldwide importance which has allowed enter  into new international markets and ensure to our customers a product of the most high quality.