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The brands DELICIAS ®, are our own tostada brands, positioned in the hispanic market of the United States. Nowadays our products reach the states of Texas, New Yersey, New York, Illinois, California, Colorado, Washington, Maryland, Delaware, Michigan and another more.


  • Brand and designs established in the market.
  • High Quality Product, accepted and well-known, according to the standards of the FDA.
  • Exported since 1994.
  • Continious promotion of the brand.
  • No inversion on stock of raw material.
  • Growing Demand, due to the number of habitants (growing hispanic market) and the consumption habits for this type of food.
  • The best quality without paying more.
  • The best service, with opportunities and necesary requirements so the food maintains the same flavor, consistency and necessary presentation for its exibition and sale.

How to become a distributor:

Being a marketer, wholesaler, retailer, and so on and want to incorporate into your product portafilo of high quality food.