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Private Label

Manufacturing Services

We are ready, if you wish, we can produce the product in your preferred brand (private label), currently we are suppliers of leading brands.

The market products under their own brand and established in the market, generating added value for the brand itself and for clients, being this one of the biggest trends of the market.

Brands we produce

  • foto-interior-6Fiesta, Corn Tostadas.
  • Mama Lycha, Corn Tostadas.
  • Bea´S, Corn Tostadas.
  • La Mexicana, Corn Tostadas.
  • La Regiomontana.
  • La Alteñita.
  • Dos Padres.
  • Los Comales.
  • La Única Corn, Tostadas.
  • Mama Sarita, Corn Tostadas.
  • La Fuerza Del Sabor.
  • Mama Sarita, Corn Tostadas.
  • El Charro,Corn Tostadas
  • Tostadas Tzitlali.
  • Tostadas Adelita.
  • El Cerrito, La Mejor Tostada De Mexico.
  • El Cuervito Morado Irresistibly Authentic.


  • Enhance and supplement line of Mexican food products private label.
  • Ensure a high quality product and marketing easy, with 120 days shelf life.
  • Growth and private brand promotion.
  • Competitive price.
  • Mexican Product sales growth in the overseas market.
  • Generation of private brand competitiveness.

What do I need to my private brand it be manufactured?


To have a private label established in the market, the client must use its own established distribution network and preferably a range of products with the same brand, in order to generate the expected value on the same private label.

Offered Services according to client requests in the manufacture of the private brand:


  • Brand design and printed logo on the bag (package).
  • Brand design and printed logo on the box.
  • Manufacture of the product and packaging
  • Stock guarantee in store of boxes and bags.
  • Logistics on your own conditions, we can deliver your product door to door.